Cyanotypes: What are they?


A cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Once I have shot an image digitally, I convert it into a negative and print it onto a transparent piece of plastic. In a dimly lit room, I coat a piece of acid-free paper, usually heavy watercolor or print-making paper, with two chemicals that are reactive to UV light.

Once the chemicals have dried, I place the transparent negative onto the paper and sandwich it between two sheets of glass. Once it's ready, I place the image into a window to develop, then bathe it in a water & vinegar bath followed by a water & bleach bath, then back for yet another rinse in a clean water bath.

I let the photo dry almost completely then press it between boards for 24 hours to flatten out. The next day I varnish the photo lightly and pack it up for delivery.  Each image is handled individually and there is quite a bit of room for variations from photo to photo, making them incredibly unique. Each print is truly one of a kind!